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Type: Detached
Bed: One
0 New/Secondhand: Secondhand
Description: 100% Off The Grid Cabin
Site: Circa 0.39 of an acre

100% Off the Grid Wood Cabin - Wood Cabin is situated along the R280 Manorhamilton to Kinlough road approx 8 km from Kinlough and 14 km from Manorhamilton. It is on the foothill of Keelogues Mountain with a stream running through the property. From the bedroom window is a peaceful view of Eagles Rock Mountain.

Off Grid Services include – Water, Electricity & Sewerage

Power: The Cabin is equipped with a full off the grid 5kw Inverter and it is enough to run, your washing machine, tumble drier, fridge, oven, tv, radio, lights, etc. The inverter that supplies the main power is driven by Solar Panels on the roof. These 2800W solar panels will supply power to the inverter and at the same time charge the backup batteries with an 80Amp build in battery charger. So you can have power during the day and it will automatically charge the batteries at the same time.
Should you run out of stored up battery power there is a backup generator. The generator is a key start 5kw generator. So start and run the generator for couple of minutes to recharge the batteries. There after you can continue using the backup battery power. Outside there are Flood lights for supplying light during the evening on a permanent basis for around the cabin and down with the drive way. The imported led flood lights are working with a solar panel and a build in battery system.

Water is collected from the water stream on the property. There are water storage containers at the back of the property. Total of 3000 Litters can be stored at the moment. There is a water cleaning and purifying water treatment system. It is a 4 stage treatment system that gets rid of Bacteria, smells, bad colours.

There is also a full off the grid compost toilet system that is imported from South Africa. It looks like normal toilet from the inside of the cabin and the complete compost toilet system is to the outside of the cabin. The waste in the toilet is converted in the unit and can be taken out for compost at a later stage.
More information available on request.

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Contact: Tony Feeney
Mobile: 086 8119557
Email: leitrim@dmauctions.ie
Tel: 071 9856444
Fax: P.S.R. No 001482

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